Daily  Scripture  Prayer

Pray Scripture

Have you ever thought of praying scripture over yourself or someone else? You can use these daily scripture prayers to learn how easy it is. Pray for people by name as you pray through the Bible, the holy Word of God, over yourself, your  loved ones, and others you feel led to pray for.”

How do I use the Daily Prayers?
  • Option 1: Choose a person or people to commit to pray for daily. Insert their names into the provided spaces.
  • Option 2: Read the verse first. Ask yourself, “Who does this apply to?” and insert their name(s) in to the provided spaces. 

  • This is a journey of praying for people by name through the Bible.
  • Place the name of anyone you’d like to pray for in the provided spaces within the verses.
  • 3-5 verses written in prayer-form will be listed here for you to pray every Monday through Friday.
  • Click the scripture reference to open a page with the full prayer.