If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change

   Author Rob Ketterling shares a story concerning a time when he and his wife and another couple were out for dinner. In the conversation, the man asked Rob, who was overweight, "What he would do if his spouse were to die?" Rob said, "I would have to lose weight to find another spouse." His friend said, "You would change to find a new wife, but you won't change NOW for the love of your life?" Our issue probably isn't weight, but we're all challenged with making constructive changes in our spiritual, mental, emotional or physical life.  

   Some change in life is not optional. It's like looking in a mirror as we come to grips with our aging... mirror, mirror, on the wall... what happened?  Has the mirror changed, or are we changing? Yet, some areas of life that require change will not become a reality without our participation and active involvement.

  Not all change results in positive growth, so we must be wise.  The world wants us to gravitate backward and the Holy Spirit wants us to come closer in our relationship with Jesus.  Most of us do not want to become more like the world, nor do we always want to get closer to the Lord, as we're comfortable. Scripture defines comfort zones as lukewarm. Lukewarm has been a challenge throughout the Bible that impacts every one of us.  Every generation in the Body of Christ encounters this same challenge. Not all change produces growth, but we can't grow IN HIM without change. What if we changed before we had to, instead of changing because we have to?

What If We Changed BEFORE We Had To, Instead of ...
Changing Because We HAVE To?

   What areas of your life has the Holy Spirit been speaking to you about?  Perhaps, He's been speaking to you for weeks and months. Growth or positive change has everything to do with our God-given PURPOSE in life. We all have a destiny, but can we reach our destiny without personal growth or change?

    WHY should we change in any area of life? Our "motivation" should be to please the Lord.  I want to be in better health. Why?  In order to have more energy for our family and ministry. I want to grow in my understanding of the Bible. Why? So that I can have a better understanding of truth.  I want to have a better attitude. Why?  I want to bear more spiritual fruit and be salt and light.
    HOW do we make constructive changes?  The Biblical principle that God gave to Israel in possessing the promise land was "little by little." (Deut. 7:22) Isn't that true in every realm of life, from education, to our marriage and family, in physical fitness and in using more wisdom in our finances.

    Real change often requires "OTHERS" to help us. One of the main benefits of small groups is finding people that we can be "real" with. Those who won't judge us, but will pray for us and love us enough to hold us accountable. Who are the people that speak into your life and encourage you? Who do you encourage? Into whose life do you speak?   Hebrews10:24 says, "Let us think of ways to motivate ONE ANOTHER to acts of love and good works." May I say, if you can't put a name and face on your "one another", it's time to get real and pursue healthy friendships.

   A common obstacle that I've often resembled and heard is - I'm waiting for God to do something.  Yet, God is often waiting for us.  It's like the person who says, "God you're going to have to do something about my schedule."  Question, excluding your job, who has control over our schedule?  "God, you're going to have to do something about my health?"  Question, excluding your unchangeable DNA, who has control over what we eat, how much we exercise, and how much sleep we experience?  "God, you're going to have to something about my relationships."  Question, who are we hanging out with?  Who are we asking out for coffee, or to our house for a meal? "God, I want to bear more fruit."  Question, are we allowing the Holy Spirit to prune areas of our life? "God, you need to do something with my fear?"  Question, are we feeding our faith and using the promises of God in spiritual warfare?  We've all heard the classic definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over, while expecting a different result. If we change nothing, nothing will change.

  May I encourage you to be obedient in whatever the Holy Spirit has been speaking to you about? He isn't overwhelming you with a dozen things.  He isn't condemning you. He isn't against you. No, He is for you! He has good plans for you, your family, your children and your grandchildren. Obedience brings His blessings and it begins with little by little.

If We'll Do What We Can Do, God Will Do What We CANNOT Do!
  Several years back, a man from an HVAC company was doing some work on my air conditioner. In the midst of our conversation, he told me he had gone through a divorce three years ago.  He seemed to be joyful, so I asked the source of his joy.  He quickly informed me that he had struggled with bitterness over his ex-wife, but overcame it.  How, I asked? He said, "I accepted Christ and asked for His help." Why?  He said, "My 25 year-old-son was diagnosed with cancer. I needed to get over my past in order to focus on helping my son.  I couldn't help him dragging my past baggage with me."  He forgave his wife, and began to pray blessings over her and her new husband.  He practiced the second mile principle by looking for ways to help them that had included looking after their house in the previous month while they were on vacation. Wow!!!

Change Isn't Something God Does TO Us; It's Something God Does THROUGH Us.

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